lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

3 Departametal Book Exercice

I always wach tv and stay in front of my compiuter.
I usuallygo to the school but I hate the filosofi subjet
I often go to dance in the machines
I sometimes read a magazin
I harly ever stay in one place
I never aswere a stupid cuestions

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

3ª Departamental Sentence Builder

I dont get up at 8 o´clock
I dont do homework on friday
My parents dont play tennis at weekends
My friends dont do homework on fridays
My parents dont play football in the morning
My friends dont have dinner at 8 o´clock
My brother doesnt play basketball in the afternoon
My sister doesnt go swiming in the evening
My cousin doesnt go to bed in the afternoon
My cousin doesnt have dinner in the morning

3ª Departamental Fire Figters

1 Jimi doesnt arrive at the station at 8:00
he arrives at 7:45

2 We dont have lunch at 12:30
we have lunch at 12:00

3 Doug doesnt give first aid lessons to children
he visits school talks about fire safety

4 The fire fighters dont have dinner at 18:30
our have dinner at 18:00

5 Doug doesnt watches tv
he plays chess

6 We dont go to bed at 24:00
we goes to bed at 23:00

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

2ª Departamental Do or Don`t

What Do

Do you exercice begain 30 or 45 minutes.
Do you eat nutritional food.
Do you sleep 8 or 9 hour all the nights.
Do you do homework erly.
Do you fun always.

What Don´t

Don´t you eat fast food
Don´t you swimming after eat
Don´t you sleep all time
Don´t you molest your friends
Don´t you speak in class

domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

2ª Departamental SouthGate Youth Club

SouthGate Youth Club

First name: Kakashi.
Surname: Hatake.
Age: 26.
Nationality: Japan.
City/town: Konoha.
School: Hight Ninja School.
Teacher: Minato Namikaze.
Skills(computers/hors riding/map reading):
Fighting the hamlets adventures and live life to the brink of death.

jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

2ª Departamental My Interesting and oters persons

My interesting are any like brake dancing,
ballroom dancing, and dance choreography.
After computers and very important persons
I am into in acrobacia o gimnacya and play the gitar y play computer game

My girl friend is Carolina
She is interesting in paint an drive
But she is into inde play gitar

My mom is interestin in swimm and play piano
She is into sell insurance and onlye

My father is interesting in the Anime, play gitarr and speak japanese
He is into in the hospital and lessosns for composing computers

miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

My Descripcion Of My Room

This is my bedroom is real but not the person no people that have come into my room they say it's the most unusual room that have entered I mention them as it is constituted:

Former is entering the left side is located four posters that symbolize the 4 elements, on top is a sword made by me and a scroll also made by my Japanese language and meaning as the "kakashi" which comes from a series.

Then I have my dresser and a shelf, the mirror has many pictures and the Shelf has many dolls and a recorder. I have my drawers for my clothes and left side as seen a guitar and keyboard and across my bed against the wall, the black thing is above my bed is a bag for leaks, in my a plush bed of character kakashi.

The back of my room:
simply shaped by my closet where my clothes and also my gateway to my cuerte where I have two more posters